Friday, April 8, 2011

Visit to Craft villages

We spent the rest of the days visiting various village settlements around Bhuj. These villages are made up of families that migrated from Sindh Pakistan and have now settled in these regions. They live in traditional Bhunga's that are a sight to look at. The different villages that we visited were Bhujodi, Hodka, Dhodko, and Ludia.

Each settlement, except for Bhujodi which was a weaving community, had women who invited us into their houses so that we could see their embroidered work. We were invited to buy their heirloom fabrics as well, some of them selling for quite a high price especially in Rupees. But the temptation was surely there. The women in the household usually do embroidery work during their free time, this craft is taught from mother to daughter over generations.

Bhujodi was a weaving community that had amazing shawls and products. Again, you had to pay for the high quality and extensive labor involved. One day...

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